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Manage and evolve your portfolio  In an “always-on” digital world, enterprises are challenged to capitalize on new technologies with limited resources and experience at the speed the business expects.

Officeperfect's managed services can help you continually evolve your custom and commercial application portfolio and infrastructure at speed and scale, maximizing your historical investment and reducing the burden on internal resources. We help ensure end-to-end security with expert configuration and intelligent monitoring and keep platforms evergreen to exploit the latest capabilities and security features. 

Realize  the business benefits of managed services

Officeperfect is a managed services specialist within the Microsoft technology ecosystem. We combine consultative services with 24x7 ongoing management and support, using a rigorous industrialized operating model. We can help you benefit from the business value of managed services. You’ll love the results.



We offer a range of managed services anchored in the Microsoft platform, designed to accelerate your digital agenda.


Application Managed Services

Manage and evolve your application portfolio.

Cloud Platform Services

Increase business agility and securely unlock the value of the Microsoft cloud.

Modern Workplace

Redefine your workplace value equation.

Digital Marketing

Create innovative brand experiences that entice new customers and build loyalty.

Business Applications

Intelligent business applications enable industry insight to help you predict and lead.


Officeperfect is well positioned to help you design, run and manage your applications, collaboration solutions and infrastructure. We have Microsoft .NET certified professionals. We are a Microsoft Partner. Our intelligent delivery platform is cognitive and automated with process blueprints. Our delivery platform uses integrated tools, technology and industry assets, and delivery governance to reduce costs through industrialization.  Continual transformation capabilities are built into your service to ensure you make the most of the latest technologies to drive growth.  Rapidly benefit from the Agile and DevOps promise.  When you’re prepared for anything, and shaped to adapt and evolve, then you’re Ready by Design.



Achieve new business value

Business Consulting

Bridging vision with experience and innovation.


Analytics and AI

Create the advantage you need for the future-ready business.

Business Applications

CRM and ERP solutions to address industry-specific business challenges.


Cloud and Application Services

Let your applications drive your infrastructure.

Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experiences happen by design.


Keep your data and IP safe and accessible to unleash growth, cut costs and drive collaboration.


Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

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Security Consultant.png


Transform your business and manage risk with a global industry leader in cybersecurity consulting,

cloud and managed security services. 

Get the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report 

Read the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index Report

If you are experiencing cybersecurity issues or an incident, contact Officeperfect to help. Manage risk and accelerate your business innovation and security at the same pace With the industry’s broadest portfolio of consulting and global managed security services, Officeperfect Security Services and consulting delivers industry-leading assessments and security strategies to many of the world’s largest enterprises, including critical strategies such as zero trust.


As a trusted advisor, Officeperfect Security Services can help you quantify and understand your risks, extend your team resources, help detect and respond to threats, and unify your organization on security priorities to accelerate your business transformation.


Assess, reduce and manage your security risk. Our experts and proven frameworks provide deep understanding of business and compliance needs.

Govern and protect your business, data, users and assets. Deliver trust when you connect policy,

analytics and controls across your entire business.


Identify and respond to threats quickly and confidently. AI provides continuous insights to find

critical threats faster and respond more efficiently.


Security implications change as workloads move from on-premises to cloud. Automate, centralize

and simplify with cloud security services.

  • Cloud Security Services

  • How we partner with your business

  • Consulting and systems integration

  • Deep solution expertise, global advisory experience and advanced technologies help you address complex issues and manage risk with an integrated approach.

  • Learn more



Simplify security and risk with continuous, value-driven monitoring, management and threat intelligence backed by global expertise and an integrated security portfolio.


Develop effective and cost-efficient software.


Custom Software Development Services

As a rule, custom computer programming is needed when a client wants to modify an

existing solution or build a new application from scratch because the available off-the-shelf

options don’t meet the client’s business needs and specific goals. In this case the developed

bespoke application is much more tailored than its packaged counterparts and can be modified

and changed over time as your requirements and business practices change.


The custom written software is easy to use because it works the way you want it to work; you

are in control since you can make the changes you require when you like. Are you looking

for a partner who understands what you are trying to accomplish and makes suggestions to i

mprove your current plan? You can be sure that you have found a reliable custom

programming company who is willing to support your business.







Types of Custom Application Development Services we offer



































Why Officeperfect ? Effective Communications.  Initiate daily or weekly voice and video

meetings with a Project Manager or the whole  dedicated team. Communicate via e-mail

and various messengers like Skype or Slack.


Our custom app development company has been providing top-quality custom app 

development services since 2004. We will solve any possible issues that can arise during

full-cycle professional tailored software development with our in-house team of 250+

experienced custom software developers, testers, PM,BA,etc.


Staff Augmentation

people in server room.png

Team Model: A New Alternative To Outsourcing.

A fully staffed in-house bench is great but too expensive.  An outsourced team is cheap but not

reliable enough…A local talent pool suits your needs, but it’s not so easy to catch a golden fish. Do

these dilemmas sound familiar to you? You’re not alone! A great many of startup CEOs and CTOs

have been scratching their heads over this recruiting issue. Let’s see how we can deal with it!

What Is An Extended Team Model (ETM)?

Gone are those days when software development tasks were entrusted exclusively to in-house

or offshore teams. Why? Because, fortunately, today’s businesses move towards establishing

effective connections within the team in the long-term perspective, which results in delivering

greater products and meeting the needs of all the parties involved. Taking special care of the

product  and the people who work on it conditions searching for newer and more effective solutions.

An Extended Team Model (ETM) is among the latter.

An Extended Team is a team, the core part of which is located in-house and which is extended

by a virtual team of developers. Both parties are working in close cooperation with each other.

In this way, the main team is augmented with the lacking skills or experience, and an overall

cohesion provides a highly effective collaboration.

What Are The Specific Features That Differentiate The ET Model From Other Team Models?

1. An extended team is aimed at complementing an in-house team, but not substituting it. It is

supposed to fill in the skill gaps of the main team and augment its overall potential. An ET is to

a certain extent a part of the company, sharing the visions and  being customized to the needs

of the latter.

2. The responsibilities and tasks are evenly spread between all team members, both in-house

and offshore. The company has a full control over the process, because the personnel on the

vendor’s side is fully incorporated into a client’s team, and the collaboration implies all

levels of recruiting, training etc.


3. Unlike virtual teams, extended ones are not disbanded after the project is completed. They

are aimed at long-term collaboration practices, that’s why the motivated team players don’t feel

the need to disperse their attention to any side projects.

4. The company’s project management team can breathe more freely because they are released

from a great part of the management load and can focus on things that really need their attention.

At the same time, they are still able to control the key points and decisions.

5. ET model can help companies with significant cost savings. First, you choose from the

international talent pool in all its versatility of skills and rates. Second, you won’t have to spend

much time and efforts on endless recruiting and training in the future since your labor relations

are not supposed to base on an “easy come, easy go” approach.

6. The process of hiring developers locally can stretch for months, and the success is not

guaranteed since the holy place is never empty and the big fishes in the competition may have

already taken almost all the brightest talents. Conversely, with an ETM, you can assemble a team

much faster — it may happen that in a couple of weeks you will be ready to move on.

7. The members of extended teams have a great possibility to establish friendly connections with

each other. As we know, emotionally colored activities are those in which people can unlock

their potential to the most extent. Folks start to share what is important for them, and a shared

vision on core mission is a key to success.

8. Whilst in classic outsourcing models of software development an offshore team relies on the

home office as little as possible, an extended team actively interacts with an original startup team.

They maintain a continuous and direct communication throughout the whole development cycle.

In this process, not a small part is played by relevant communication and project management tools.

9. What does “the further” mean in the previous statement? It’s about the extended maintenance

and support you can rely upon after the project is finished and launched. This is another goodies

you can receive from the cooperation with an extended development team.

When to Use the Extended Team Model?

Still thinking whether to choose an Extended Team model? Consider it a safe pick in cases

when you want to have a massive control over the all-level processes, when you seek to integrate

the team with the company’s internal processes, and when you lack some important skills in-house.

Alternatively, if your focus is implementing best practices and going beyond core competencies,

if you are ok with delegating a great weight of responsibilities outside, or (this also happens) you

don’t have any IT department or staff at all, sticking to traditional outsourcing would probably meet

your requirements.


What to pay attention to when crewing up an extended team?

Overall, Extended Team model is often truly comfortable for all the parties of the process: the

company enjoys holding the keys, the team members get used to each other and establish

emotional connections with each other, which can’t bring anything but the benefits to the

client, eventually. The whole process is marked by transparency, flexibility, mutual trust an

d valued contribution.

Lean-Agile Transformation Consulting

Transformation Consulting


Need to get an Agile Transformation going?  Or, get a Release Train launched quickly?  However, you

lack the experienced coaching to get this done?  Do you have waterfall portfolio practices?  Many

delays and inefficiencies in your development cycle?  As a result, this is creating a big disconnect

between leadership and  team progress?  Are your teams using Scrum and Kanban relatively well? 

But, their inconsistency in practice across teams make it hard to improve systematically?  If any of

these examples resemble your situation, then we can help you! The i4 Group provides your organization

with the highest valued option for Lean – Agile  training and consulting for a quarter of the cost you would

pay for a big 4 consulting firm.  Contact us  for more information and get started delivering

organizational value at insane levels.



Your company has specific training needs to get started with Lean-Agile delivery.  Let’s discuss what

those needs are and put together a training plan that fits taking your organization to the next level.

Whether it be team Scrum or Kanban certification training, or role-based training for Scrum

Masters, Product Owners, Product Managers and Architects.  Or Lean – Agile leadership training

for Executives and Managers.  The i4 Group will put together a training plan that fits your needs. 

Contact us and find out more about pricing and options.  Or, visit our open enrollment calendar to

take a course at a time that works for you.

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Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity consulting and products that help CISO’s, CIO’s and IT leaders design and

implement solutions for IT governance, security, data management, applications, and compliance.

Our Cybersecurity services can support security projects end-to-end from vulnerability

assessments, through design review, technology implementation, and service support and optimization.

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