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Penetration Testing

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Service Description

Officeperfect's Penetration Testing Services team will simulate a real-world attack on your networks, applications, devices, and/or people to demonstrate the security level of your key systems and infrastructure and show you what it will take to strengthen it. HOW CAN WE HELP? Let our experts simulate an attack on your network to show you your weaknesses (and how to bolster them). WAY MORE THAN SECURITY EXPERTS The best way to stop attackers is to think and act like an attacker. Which is why, we hire engineers with more experience in IT than security as pen testers. Instead, we find experienced engineers who also know about bad things. Things like ATM hacking, multi-function printer exploitation, automobile keyless entry attacks, endpoint protection bypass techniques, RFID cloning, security alarm system bypass… you get the idea. WHAT TO FIX AND HOW TO FIX IT The best you can hope for from most penetration tests is a long list of problems with little context on how to fix them or where to start. Helpful, right? OfficePerfect provides a prioritized list of issues, based on the exploitability and impact of each finding using an industry-standard ranking process. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? A detailed description and proof of concept for each finding, as well as an actionable remediation plan. And because we understand that risk severity is only one factor in prioritizing remediation efforts, we'll also provide insight into the level of effort needed to remediate the findings. In addition, you'll receive: • An attack storyboard that walks you through sophisticated chained attacks • Scorecards that compare your environment with best practices. • Positive findings that call out what security controls you have that are effective. COMPLIANCE IS A BY PRODUCT OF GOOD SECURITY We believe that good security begets good compliance. CONTACT US OfficePerfect offers a range of penetration testing services to meet your needs. • Network Penetration Testing Services External or Internal • Web Application Penetration Testing Services • Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services • IoT and Internet-Aware Device Testing • Social Engineering Penetration Testing Services • Red Team Attack Simulation • Wireless Network Penetration Testing Services Can't find what you're looking for? Reach out to learn about our custom solutions. 1-844-983-3946

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2819 West March Lane, Stockton, CA, USA

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