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Managed IT Services

At OfficePerfect Inc., we know you can't manage what you can't measure. Our 24 x 7 monitoring, alerting and reporting service provides us with the information, data, network performance trending analysis and security vulnerability information critical to service, plan and manage your IT environment.

You have invested in your IT infrastructure and rely on its performance, security and reliability. OfficePerfect's services not only ensures you have a qualified team ready to service this critical asset but also the real time data to ensure its being done on time, when needed, using the most advanced network asset tracking and Performance monitoring.

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Monitoring and Reporting

  • Our proactive monitoring and alerting identifies, tracks and reports on issues effecting the security, performance and reliability of your IT.
  • By analyzing network device alerts, pre-failure indicators, performance benchmarks and security issues, preventative maintenance opportunities are identified by our Sr. System Engineers

Maximizing Your Return on IT Spending

  • Our service includes a complete asset inventory and regular health, security, and performance analysis reporting so that you can see what you have and how well those IT assets are working for you.
  • Our improvement recommendations will help you lower your total cost of IT, including the hidden cost of downtime, substandard performance, and lost productivity due to incompatible or out-of-date software.



Monitoring Reports

Quarterly Business Review

Our network service program includes a Quarterly Business Review with your organization. Prior to each Quarterly Business Review OfficePerfect Inc. will audit all alerts and reports generated over the preceding 90 days and prepare a comprehensive analysis of our findings as well as demonstrate areas of cost savings, increased performance, any security vulnerabilities and over all health assessment of your network.

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