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OfficePerfect Inc. can partner with your organization to establish an Information Technology focused disaster recovery plan that meets all the critical and unique needs for your business's technology environment. No design can be a "one size fits all", so the emphasis of OfficePerfect's disaster recovery consulting is on proven and tested best practices standards for an optimized solution. A solid disaster recovery plan may also be critical to the fulfillment of audit requirements and the maintenance of audit trails in fiscal systems.

Disasters do not have to be catastrophic, but their results can be. The continued operations of an organization depend on management's awareness of potential disasters, their ability to develop a plan to minimize disruptions of critical functions and the capability to recovery operations expediently and successfully. A disaster recovery plan is a comprehensive statement of consistent actions to be taken before, during and after a disaster. The plan should be documented and tested to ensure the continuity of operations and availability of critical resources in the event of a disaster.


Best Practice Disaster Recovery Plan


Disaster recovery planning should address the IT resources that will be needed to maintain business continuity and restore network to full functionality with minimal loss of productivity. Your recovery strategies should include specific actions plans for variety of possible disaster scenarios such as fire, storm, earthquake, flooding and loss of key personnel. It should also include escalation procedures, data retention plan and restoration policies.


Building a Resilient Network Architecture is a critical element of a Disaster Recovery Plan. Network resiliency is the ability to recover from any network failure or issues whether it is related to disaster, link, hardware, design or network services.


Perform realistic testing and measure results. Refine the Plan in response to periodic testing is another critical element of a viable disaster recovery plan. Develop a process whereby the Plan is updated in response to changes. Testing exercise will help you identify weak points in your recovery plan so that you can make adjustments before disaster strikes.

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