Security Design and Deployment

Security Audit

OfficePerfect's security offering is one of the most comprehensive solutions that we provide our clients. We provide experts and proven security methodologies to help direct the security policy & infrastructure design and deployment and Security Audit Solutions. Call for a network assessment today!

Security Audits

OfficePerfect security audits can be built into any type of design review (i.e., messaging, internet working, enterprise management). In the event that a customer has an existing security policy in place. And if you don't have policies and procedures in place we help you set one up.

Technical Support

Vulnerability Assessment

OfficePerfect’s risk assessment identifies the controls and safeguards needed to adequately and cost effectively protect your critical or sensitive assets. Our engineers have extensive capabilities in assessing possible vulnerabilities in an existing network.

Security Operations

OfficePerfect's team of experts knows a business depends on proactive security monitoring.

We can monitor and manage client security either on-site or remotely as part of the total security solution for your business.

Security Scan

OfficePerfect has the capabilities to perform audit solutions as validations against these policies. Our network security audit performs a controlled real life evaluation and penetration test of your firewalls and network for security issues that allow hackers access to your internal network.

A Security Audit can include the scan service as outlined below as well as additional solutions as requested from the following summary list:

  • Server Security Analysis
  • Active Directory Domains
  • Trust Relationship Security
  • Firewall Design & Configuration
  • Firewall Auditing and Pen Test
  • Infrastructure Design Auditing
  • Data Backup & Storage
  • IDS and ISA
  • Wireless Security
  • Data Classification
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Access Infrastructure
  • Compiance Audit

We are currently servicing the following metropolitan and surrounding areas: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and Washington DC.

Locations Served
Atlanta 404-585-5999
Boston 877-709-5577
Chicago 773-830-1544
Los Angeles 213-608-1200
Phoenix 888-923-8085
New York 646-405-4877
Seattle 888-923-8085
San Francisco 510-877-8244
San Diego 213-608-1200
Washington DC 877-709-5577

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