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Social NetworkingWhat really bothers management is not knowing what employees are doing on the web. Studies show that 70 percent of browsing to pornography sites happens during normal business hours and about 30 to 40 percent of overall internet usage in the worksplace is not related to business. While many Websites targeted at business usuage provide secure content, an increasing number of Websites and Internet applications targeting personal usages are hostis to spyware, virus and other internet threats. Therefore, making workplace personal Web browsing a possible thereat to productivity and to the security of the network as a whole.

The Barracuda Web Filter gives administrators clear visibility into web activity to answer these important questions while blocking today's aggressive web threats. With extensive policy tools for managing web access in the workplace and no per-user fees, Barracuda Web Filter is a powerful and affordable content filtering appliance with models designed for use in organizations of all sizes.

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Powerful Malware Protection

The Barracuda Web Filter easily eliminates spyware,  viruses, and other forms of malware from attempting to penetrate an organization's network, with its powerful, award-winning malware protection.

The Barracuda Web Filter also facilitates automatic removal of spyware from infected Windows computers with the included Barracuda Spyware Removal Tool that detects spyware protocol activity. By adaptively targeting machines that are infected.  This web filter provides widespread protedction and removal without requiring pre-loaded client software on every machine on the network.

Flexible, Comprehensive Filtering

The Barracuda Web Filter enables organizations to improve productivityand optimise bandwidth usage by regulating  web browsing  and Web application usuage. Designed for the enterprised, the Web filter is combination preventative, reactive and proactive measures to form a complete Web filtering solution.

In addition, by integrating with popular authentication services, the Barracuda Web Filter make it easy to create highly customized rules to regulate Web access and usage of applications such as IM, P@P and streaming media.

Simple Deployment

Standard Configuration

The standard deployment simply puts the Barracuda Web Filter between your Internet firewall and your LAN and assigns a new IP address to it.

High Availability Configuration

For automatic scalability and redundancy, you can deploy multiple Barracuda Web Filters and take advantage of linked management features.

Multiple Network Configuration

Multiple Barracuda Web Filters may be deployed to protect multiple subnets. Simply deploy the Barracuda Web Filter in front of the subnet router and assign a new IP address.

Each Barracuda Web Filter can be individually administered via a central configuration section within the Barracuda Control Center.

The Barracuda Web Filter is incredibly flexible and will adapt to suit any deployment environment.

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