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OfficePerfect Inc realizes that companies like yours need more from their networks than ever before. We can work with you to choose the right combination of routers, switches, and enhanced security, creating the secure, reliable platform you require. We are committed to the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market and offers an integrated solution portfolio that is designed and price for SMB's. We are fully experienced in deployment, setup and troubleshooting of Cisco PIX firewall, ASA's and setup/configuration of Cisco VPN & Pix VPN network installation and management. Our technicians at OfficePerfect processes extensive experience in troubleshooting and solving all manner of difficult challenging router and network related issues.

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Cisco Secure Networking Foundation

All businesses want to be more profitable and efficient have employees that are more productive, and use technology that is flexible enough to grow with their business needs. Therefore a well-designed network, such as the Cisco Secure Foundation will provide you the means to meet the goal.

We here at OfficePerfect Inc can help you build a network foundation in a practical, cost-effective way, saving you money, time, and potential performance or interoperability problems.

Secure Network Foundation

  • Support e-commerce and new applications, such as voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Empower your employees with secure anytime, anywhere access to information
  • Improve relations by extending network access to partners and suppliers
  • Supporting ongoing adoption of new technologies such as wireless devices, unified communications (combining voice and data on the same network), and customer relationship management applications
  • Decreasing the amount of equipment the business must purchase, integrate, maintain and upgrade
  • Alleviating the need to train staff on multiple technologies
  • Eliminating the time it takes to make devices from different manufactures work together effectively


We are currently servicing the following metropolitan and surrounding areas: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and Washington DC.

Locations Served
Atlanta 404-585-5999
Boston 877-709-5577
Chicago 773-830-1544
Los Angeles 213-608-1200
Phoenix 888-923-8085
New York 646-405-4877
Seattle 888-923-8085
San Francisco 510-877-8244
San Diego 213-608-1200
Washington DC 877-709-5577

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